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Waxing | Nail salon 62704

1. What are the benefits of waxing?

The Benefits

  • Smooth and even skin.
  • One of the best benefits of waxing is that your skin will feel smooth and even. ...
  • No cuts or bruises. ...
  • Stubble free skin – Waxing removes unwanted hair completely, from its roots. ...
  • Irritation and allergies-free. ...
  • Slow hair re-growth.

2. How long does a wax last?

3 to 6 weeks.
After a client's first waxing, the results can last 3 to 6 weeks depending on the individual's hair re-growth rate. In most cases, hair growth is minimal during the first week or two and noticeably increases in the third and fourth week.

3. Does a fill include a polish change?

There is no industry standard regarding the correct age to start waxing. The consensus seems to be around the 13–15 years old

4. Is waxing good for health?

Waxing has an exfoliating effect on skin which is why you might notice smoother, softer skin after a waxing session. As soon as wax is applied to the skin, it starts drying up which makes dead skin stick to it

5. Is it better to shave or wax?

Waxing removes the entire hair, from the root or follicle. ... Compared to shaving, waxing exfoliates more of your skin. Unless you have particularly sensitive skin, waxing will give you very smooth skin because it will remove hair and dead skin.

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